2010 Sounds In The 2020s

Doja Cat relaunches pop-rap, Tyler, The Creator is rapping again, Marina without The Diamonds is back, and a new season of summer for music is here. Many artists have begun to lay musical claim for the hottest time of the year. The country is slowly opening back up from a year of shut-down and new music can finally find a place to go outside of personal spaces and homes. Here are the latest songs of the season that can easily brighten your mood and add a boost to your confidence:

CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST – Tyler, The Creator

Yes, the whole album. We couldn’t pick one song. Download the whole album. Every song slaps. Tyler revealed Westside Gunn and DJ Drama, who is heard screaming on every track, helped bring him back to his style of rapping.

THOT SH*TMegan Thee Stallion 

The Hot Girl Coach is back from a small hiatus and gave listeners a new track to bounce to on their knees. Megan raps about freely dancing, takes a jab at frenemies, and reminds us her piggy bank outweighs most. A usual formula for rap songs, but this one makes you want to get up and shake what your momma gave you!

Venus Fly TrapMARINA

Marina is back! A new single from her latest album, Ancient Dreams in A Modern Land, this song implores listeners to be themselves. Rather than reduce oneself to a wallflower, be as distinct and unwavering in essence as a venus fly trap.

Eenie MeenieYung Baby Tate

Newcomer artist, Yung Baby Tate, released the full song and video to a snippet track she originally posted on her social media. A play on the old childhood game, Tate finds it hard to choose who will be her next boo. In addition to her fantasies with potential mates, she promotes safe sex and full disclosure. As listeners sing along or dance to the record, Yung Baby Tate drops a healthy tip for summer loving.

Need To KnowDoja Cat

Following up from “Kiss Me More” with SZA, Doja released a new single from her recently released sophomore album, Planet Her. In the music video, she is a blue alien and finds interest in a human-appearing man. The sound of “Need To Know” travels through your body and persuades it to sway from side-to-side as Doja sings and raps about her fantasies with this man. But after a game of cat and mouse between scenes, he is not who he appears. 

I Like DatT-Pain & Kehlani

T-Pain remixes his own sample of “Buy U A Drank” to create the collaboration we didn’t know we needed. He brings back his iconic autotune vocals and adds Kehlani to the mix. In the past, he bought this woman a drink, now she makes more than enough to buy the bar in this selection. 

WalkSaucy Santana

Although this song was released last Fall, it’s been held down by TikTok and fans alike through every season since it dropped. In the lyrics, Saucy Santana challenges someone to walk and cascades into a slew of bars about his pricey lifestyle, good sex, and relentless efforts. The song evokes the same attitude from listeners, regardless if it’s true or not – walk like it is. Now he finally delivered the music video to us. #HappyPride

YonaguniBad Bunny 

One of the world’s hottest boricua artists released a new tune and video for the girl that got away to Yonaguni. Bad Bunny sings his pain away in this melodic ballad about all of the beautiful qualities in the woman he can no longer hold, and wishes to have back.

Love AgainDua Lipa

Dua debuts a music video for a track off her album, Future Nostalgia. Lipa is amongst this decade’s new leading voices in Pop music and revitalizing the genre. As the title proclaims, she finds herself in love again!

Beating Down Yo BlockMonaleo

A new rapper on the block found success overnight through a viral tweet. This bop has some serious lyrics of man-snatching and funny punchlines about exes. Monaleo has a summer-hit with a booming bass to blast while in the car. 

All of these selections bring an instant lift to any spirit and capture our ears with sweet melodies and spicy lyrics. A necessary balance. Which one is your favorite, or is it too hard to choose? Comment below and let us know!


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