2010 Sounds In The 2020s

Doja Cat relaunches pop-rap, Tyler, The Creator is rapping again, Marina without The Diamonds is back, and a new season of summer for music is here. Many artists have begun to lay musical claim for the hottest time of the year. The country is slowly opening back up from a year of shut-down and newContinue reading “2010 Sounds In The 2020s”

Ownership: More Than Body Positivity

Chloe Bailey has made waves on Instagram all year since her and sister, Halle, created individual social media accounts. She has publicly taken claim over her body and owns it through an essence of seductive photography, dancing, and fashion sense. Chloe revealed hardships she faced in the past with accepting her body and self asContinue reading “Ownership: More Than Body Positivity”

Bianca Interviews MOLO x Josh Buron

I had the pleasure to connect with the multi-hyphenate artist, Josh Buron. He originates from Miami, Florida but his heritage resides in Haiti. Aside from the multimedia works of art, we discuss the inspiration behind his movement, realizing social injustice later in life, and overcoming fear as a creative to be everything but perfect.

Foods That Fuel & Fill You

Sometimes a meal doesn’t satisfy our hunger enough. It could lack protein, fiber, or fat. According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, these are the nutrients necessary for a meal to fuel your energy. We compiled a list of filling foods that can be eaten solo or with another dish that willContinue reading “Foods That Fuel & Fill You”